Did You Know?





    • There has been a Greek Orthodox community in Liverpool for over 180 years

    • The Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas opened in 1870. It took 5 years to build.
    • Diaspora from Chios who fled the island after the massacre of Greeks by Turks in 1821, were some of the original Greeks to settle in Liverpool
    • The Ralli brothers opened and operated a successful office in Liverpool for over 140 years. The Ralli’s were successful Greek entrepreneurs with a global dynasty, employing over 40,000 people by the 1890s, with offices in New York, Geneva, Livorno, Karachi, Marseille, London and of course Liverpool.
    • Major Ion Calvocoressi, born in Liverpool, won the Military Cross for his efforts in World War Two and was knighted an MBE. His brother in law was Sir Ludovic Kennedy.
    • ┬áPeter Calvocoressi moved to Liverpool as a 3 month old baby and was later educated at Eton College. He is known for his writings on Ultra intelligence at Bletchley Park, and for collecting evidence on war criminals for the Nuremberg trials.
      • He was part of the team that broke the enigma code
      • He stood as a Liberal Candidate in 1945.
      • He was High Sheriff of Kent 1978-1979.