Test Your Greek Knowledge!



Alice Anastasiou


“I am currently the president of the Greek school of Saint Nicholas in Liverpool and like every president before me, I am proud to be involved in an effort to preserve the Greek culture and traditions as well as the school that was formerly established over 30 years ago.

Today’s Greek school classes are run each Saturday and temporarily based at Archbishop Blanch School, Vernon Street, Liverpool 7. The school consists of approximately sixty children and seven teachers, of whom two were assigned by the Cypriot Ministry of Education. Classes are taught from primary level to A level with a GCSE pass rate of 99% in grades A* to C. Our school is run by the fundraising efforts of members of the community, from the Greek and Greek Cypriot Diaspora and our main objective is to encourage children to attend Greek School in order to maintain their Greek heritage through education
and language”

The Liverpool Greek School was formed over 30 years ago. From its early days, when resources were so scarce that volunteers taught with free books from the Greek Embassy, the school has not only survived but has continued to expand and improve.

Despite not having a permanent base, there has been a steady increase in students from nursery age to adults, GCSE and A-level standard students. The school now proudly boasts a 99% A*-C pass rate at GCSE. The high academic achievement is a credit to the dedication of both the staff and students who have worked consistently in adverse conditions.


At the end of every educational year the Greek School puts on a performance for all parents, friends and family showcasing all their new knowledge and skills!

The show includes all pupils who put on a very entertaining afternoon with plays, dances and readings. They are then all rewarded with a certificate of achievement.

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